Ohio at War

Campaign Introduction (4/27)


The landmasses of the world used to be connected in a Pangaea, but there was much war and suffering. All of the wizards came together to work a great magic called The Sundering, which split the world into many islands, separated by oceans and seas. Now, though there is some travel and trade between islands, there is little conflict between them.

The Island of Ohio is unified into one kingdom, with seven provinces. Recently, the Underdark began an invasion in the northeast corner of the island, in the red province, an invasion that if left unchecked will allow the Underdark to use Ohio as a beachhead to destroy the world. There are some indications that other islands are also being invaded, as trade has all but ceased between the islands.

Currently, much of Ohio does not believe there is actually any threat. Only the red, grey and blue provinces have joined in the war to protect Ohio. The king has tasked our party, great heroes all, to manage his armies and to lead the fight against the denizens of the Underdark.

Set Up

We started with 670,000 gold to start Ohio’s war machine. Before I logged off, we had purchased generals Harry March, and Conrad Allen. We had purchased an Engineer’s Guild and an Assassin’s Guild in the capital.

We also built up the infrastructure in Cuyahoga county, assassinated enemy troops in Carroll, prospected a gold mine in Franklin, and conscripted many monsters and regular troops to aid in the fighting.



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