Ohio at War

Session 1

The 6 adventurers went through a grueling process to determine who would be most capable of helping with the war effort.

The adventurers were bestowed with nobility and taken to King James’ quarters. War efforts were discussed and a plan made.

Further King James requires the group to talk to Barron Bloodbane in Washington county to determine why Purple Providence is not joining the war effort despite being attacked.

King James also wants the adventurers to investigate why the mithril mine in Gurnesy has stopped construction and attempt to remedy the production.

General John Paulding has been kidnapped by the Franz gang (a group of previous nobles, 5 brothers who were wronged by their Barron. They are a group of advanced ruffians. The Franz gang had relations with Barron Bloodbane’s daughters and nieces). There is a ransom note with a drop off in Nobel county for 200k gold. King James wants the Franz gang taken care of.

In Monroe Co. a Druid enclave needs assistance and will help with the war if given assistance. The enclave worships around a large sensu tree that produces special fruit. The fruit sustains an individual for 1 weeks time.

The party felt that John Paulding is the most pressing issue and set out to take care of the Franz gang and rescue John Paulding.

Upon finding the hut which was laid out in the ransom note, the party was displaced to a different plane and ambushed. With some convincing, the party was able to turn the Franz gang on the durger and drow pleading to their sense of desire to regain nobility.

The party went to talk to the daughters and nieces to find out what the true story is. After learning that the daughters and nieces were willing parties and that Barron Bloodbane would have lost his throne if they had married the Franz gang, he saw this as an opportunity to banish them from the area. Bringing this information to King James, he agreed to pardon the Franz gang if they help the war effort until the end.

The party then headed out to help the druids. It was found out that the druids had a major spider infestation in the sensu tree. The party eradicated them after a long battle and almost losing a member. The druids were being poisoned to be turned into demons. The area was sanctified, even though many druids were lost.

The party then took the trip to the mithril mine in Gurnsey to investigate the slowdown of construction. A group of Minitours and underdark had turned the mine into a dragon mill enslaving 3 red dragons. The party freed the dragons and took care of the interlopers. The party then sent extra money to finish the mine, adding to the war effort.



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