Ohio at War

Session 2

The adventurers went to speak to Barron Bloodbane in Washington. He and the whole town are very odd and slow. The adventurers think this may be some sort of magical poison. Bloodbane says that the kingdom is being invaded, 5 nobles (who replaced the brothers) are missing the barron gave them the last known place which they were, finally, the Barron has given party the location of a rebellion within the city.

The party has chosen to deal with the rebellion and have located the building. It is a nondescript cubic building with no doors nor windows. There is a picture of an Iron Maw plant on one of the walls. Above it is a word written in Abyssal reading Iron Maw.

The word, when spoken, transports the party to the Abyss. The party is transported to an area and there is a camp approximately 1/2 mile away. The camp is full of about 1000 people from the city who were rounded up over the last few weeks by the city guardsmen and sent to the Abyss. The party teaches the leading cleric the teleportation word and tells him to start teaching the word in 1 hours’ time.

The party returned to town and went to the guard tower to find it empty. The barracks and armory were also empty. The temple is also empty.

The party kidnaped a peasant, took him to an abandoned house and cast dispel magic on him to no effect. Commotion was heard and the peasant was knocked out, hidden in a closet, and the party left out a back window.

The party went to the last known location of the nobles, a small house, not too different from the other houses near it.

Entering the room, the party finds the whole place tore up. There was a dead woman (one of the 5 nobles) in the middle of the room stabbed to death. Upon casting speak with dead on her, she informed the party that Oruk (one of the 5 nobles) stabbed her to death with a flail over a disagreement over the plan. She called Oruk a demon when asked if he was an evil person. She pointed out a secret door leading underground where Oruk fled.

The party knowledge of the 5 nobles reveals Oruk is a famous paladin, Ir’thurgen was a famous cleric, an elvin cleric/warlock, Illiana Camphfor, and a gnome warlock, Thomas Wittlereader, who likes to tamper in the undead.

The party went underground after Oruk. The party descends what seems like 2-300 yards down to double doors at the bottom. The doors were opened. The room opens up to a fountain in the center with a demonic statue with the water leaving the horns. The fountain is surrounded by statues and fire pits which do not give off heat. The room has 3 exits, two tunnels heading down, and a central hallway with stairs headed down.

2 durger were brutally slaughtered before they even knew that they were being attacked. The adventurers searched the room, the fountain and the statues are not magical, the fire is burned out Ioun stones with light cast on them. The party cast lots for them and continue down the central hallway. They encounter 2 demon statues after a 10 foot descent down stairs and double doors. They do not seem to be locked. The doors were kicked in to reveal 2 more durger looking at something shiny down the hallway. They were again brutally slaughtered before they even knew that they were being attacked.

The party found a partially completed portal to another plane which contains a field of durger. The portal is being completed by a life force and the life force needs to be eliminated in order to stop its completion within a day’s time. The party continued down a sloping hallway. At the bottom are very large heavy doors opening to a huge obsidian deposit. The party hears chanting from beyond. They encounter broken down obsidian doors and peer through to see the remaining 4 nobles on their knees with their arms extended.

The party draws their weapons and charges into battle. The monk charges in and hits a durger. The summoner casts a wall of stone to seal up the nobles finding that it consumes the spell level in additional spells. This energy seems to be absorbed by a draider within the area. The samari attacks the other durger, doing significant damage. Area spells continue to widdle down the creatures. The summoner creates a pit that the draider and minator do not fall in. The draider channels the obsidian power and creates a sonic boom which does massive damage to the whole party. The draider was killed as the minator was turned into a newt. After all enemies have been eliminated, the protective wall is dismissed to reveal 3 nobles with one of them dead, Ir’thurgen. They also realized the gnome warlock, Thomas Wittlereader, is a lich.

Pulling them off of the magical runes leaves them unconscious. The party gathers the 3 unconscious nobles and reinvestigates the portal. The portal looks visibly stronger, however is no longer growing in strength. The monk knocks over a statue as the party is leaving and the crash of the statue infuriates the demon and starts to bring down the whole chasm. The party collapses the tunnel down from the house.

Upon Thomas Wittlereader is his diary. From the diary, the group of nobles found the religion of the demon. They bought the house and started digging. They found a large obsidian deposit and had a disagreement over what to do with the benefits of the obsidian. Oruk killed the 5th because she wanted to use the obsidian to further worship the demon and the other wanted to sell for profits.

They wake up Oruk and he is scared. He says that he will continue to worship the demon and seems to be completely converted to the religion. He has submitted to the punishment required by law.

The party then turned their focus to the condition the whole city seems to be suffering from. They went to further investigate the building which contains the teleporter. Inside the building is a huge grate which goes down to the sewer. This grate is much larger than normal ones so the party went in to investigate.

The party found a relatively open area of the sewer and 5 summoning runes. They activated the summoning runes. This summoned 12 fly traps and the Iron Maw. After a lengthy fight and the monk getting eaten by the Iron Maw, the party slayed the plant.

The party returned to the Barron and healed him. He is quite confused upon being cured from the disease. One party member suggested that he banished the 5 Franz brothers under the plant’s control. The Barron became infuriated with his daughters and summoned them. 3 came, 1 was found stabbed dead, and the 5th wasn’t found (the daughter who is with the King). The party suggested talking with the dead daughter the next day and he was willing.

The group and Barron gather around the daughter. They speak with the dead and find out that the Barron ordered her death to cover-up the relationship she was having with Twang Franz. The Barron ordered the guards to attack the party but the party make quick work of the guards and knock the Barron out. The party takes the daughter and the Barron to the king, request a diamond to bring the daughter back from the dead. She corroborates the story and the King lets the party know that he knew a large amount of this information already. The King sends Bloodwater to the jail and takes temporary control of the purple province.


it’s interesting to see the differences in our styles as well as what we think is important.

Session 2

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